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and defense secretary chuck hagel commemorates the 60th anniversary of the korean war armistice. that is also this morning at 10:00. >> the director of national intelligence, james clapper, spoke at this year's commencement at the national intelligence university. the niu is a federally chartered university. it's still ridding its 50th anniversary. before his remarks, general clapper is introduced by defense intelligence agency director michael flynn. [applause] >> there is a lot of people out here that will receive bachelor's and master's degrees today, but i would want to re- emphasize what was just said, and i would say she has got a doctorate in the national anthem, and that was one of the most beautiful renditions of our national anthem. i would just like to give her another round of applause. [applause] i do not know where she is at. thanks very much to -- that is quite all right. they usually start out like that every time i talk. for everybody that has got kids or families, there is everybody on the stage and all of us has gone through these ceremonies. do not worry about kids one bi
is about $100 million of cuts split between defense and domestic spending. so what you're going to see in september is a real fight over that. democrats have already in the budget they presented said we don't respect those caps because we are going to have a grand bargain in september. republicans said we already have a grand bargain, and those are going to run on. that will be enough to make it difficult. then the libertarian wing of the republican party all have items. one, and the senate, we will not pass the spending bills unless obamacare is defunded, and either done or defunded. you will see a 20-week abortion limit. it is a congress that has not function well or some would say even at all. but my only sense is that republicans are reading loud and clear -- if they should on the government again, it is going to be something like what happened to newt gingrich in 1995. republicans have newly taken over the house, they provoked a crisis with president clinton, the government shutdown, twice actually. in the end, republicans were blamed, and it clobbered them in the next election. r
history tv, president obama and defense just -- defense secretary chuck hagel. that is also saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. we look at energy consumption here in the united states. host: we are looking at international energy. our guests are frank, -- with the center for strategic and international studies. headlining today's wall street journal is says the u.s. sees a boom in global energy use. the world will use far more of every type of energy. the u.s. energy department said that an energy will drive current consumption. start off by telling us why we are looking at this. host: it is important to the u.s., priorities on a number of fronts. the environment, energy security, our environment and energy consumption is going to grow by 10% after the year 2040. the world's energy consumption will be up more than half over the same time. host: why is this so important to the united states. give us more details about how that the sec -- affects our planning for our energy usage. guest: in d expenditures are one of the highest portion of consumer budgets. consumers are paying relatively hi
origins at the defense intelligence school, housed in world war ii barracks in and the naval station, to an accredited university that offers degrees and represents the entire community. this is a university that is expanding the literature of intelligence every day with publication of books and research from the national intelligence press. it is a university that engages leaders in common dialogue. it is a university that continues to produce the future leaders of our profession and our nation. this year we mark the occasion of our 50th anniversary by being recognized by the nation's most senior leadership for not only the high quality of the education offered, but for the joint nature of that education. this past october, general dempsey named niu a joint official military education phase one accreditation program, the first to receive such approval since before september 11. completion of military education is important for some our military officers and necessary for future promotions and assignments into our joint force. this past february, as the impact was highlighting to dir
, newmuseum in hyde park york. life on c-span 3 american history tv, president obama and defense secretary chuck hagel commemorate the 60th anniversary of the korean war armistice also saturday morning at 10:00. >> next, a discussion about immigration with a panel of economists from the cato institute arguing that immigrants provide a boost to the economy and reducing growth and jobs. this is an hour and a half. >> good app or noon. thank you for coming today. policyex and i am the analyst at the cato institute. talkis exciting time to about economics and the impact of immigration. recently, the senate passed an immigration reform bill and you have representatives currently debating similar proposals in their chamber right now. this is an important time or you can bring in some of the experts and main academics to work on this topic and hear what they have to say about immigration in general and to share some of the insights of their research with us today. i want to say that it's a pleasure for me to be appear to introduce these three economists who i have cited extensively in my own work
to --member what we have done so so far as we cut defense, cut domestic discretionary, and we raised revenues. but we have not done is dealt with medicare and social security. the part of your question the one party will not raise revenues, we have done revenues. what we have not done is entitlement reform. for this party -- for this panel to the balanced, you would have wanted to invite some of the far right to make this case. they would say, we have done everything but entitlement reform. >>that is a great example of how this conversation gets skewed. one of the reasons i we have medicare, we have taken a lot of money out of medicare. we have a lot of reform in medicare. it is just not counted. >> it went back into a new program. >> there is deficit reduction at the end of that. we are taking money -- we are taking money -- the affordable care act itself was a deficit reduction strategy. >> particularly in the long- term. >> i think one of the challenges that has been so disconcerting in why we are concerned overall is because if you look at what happened, the entire conversation does move
't bring in the in to thes statements stage trial thinking you can make the defense testify. can't make the defendant testify or use a technique like that. technique.a good but i digress. ut anyway, to come back to the domestic violence, on a very serious note. information and that we realize that we talk about gang violence. gun violence. we talk about all of the it is starting at home. domestic 't forget violence. it's an extremely important issue that must be considered. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. >> next, we'll hear from the group leader of gang violence. >> good evening. dr. sharon ladeker, labor of love performing arts academy and the community that we all live in. was -- our our i facilitated it, in gangs. we had a good time. danny davis was there. we went a bit off. we got into gangs, we got into ex-offenders, we got into a lot stuff. we think we covered it all. but if you think about gangs, we young black kids involved in gang activities. that's the why question. why are they involved? everything that was said in the session is one young man got up n the back, one of our
that did not work in sanford, florida, dealing with stand your ground. dealing with the self-defense that winds up people who are wanting to not do right can use to avoid prosecution. one thing we have to concede is we're not getting killed with a fist. we're getting killed with guns in the wrong hands and bullets. and you have to ask yourself, where are these coming from. so the justice working group and the congressional black caucus, we're hearing all of that, is going to ask the hard questions, produce legislation, and also seek the resources because there's nothing wrong as asking as bobby has said, let children be the priority on the federal level that deals with education and summer jobs. and i will leave to the expert about how the gangs are moving around, whether it's turf, whether it's drugs. whether it's one gang against another. but we do know people are dying. and i think we need to leave here with the burden of the members who put together an omnibus, an emergency plan and funding. and i can tell you no one up here is a wallflower. and that this will be heard next week
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8